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Product Series PBX VOIP Product Series Entry Level Product Series SAUTM Product Series Microcluster

How to reduce the fans' noise on AUTM1, AUTM2, AUTM3, AUTM4, AUTM5, ASUTM, APUTM and Microcluster


  • Involved Items ( with or without Kit-Silent):
    • AUTM1
    • AUTM2
    • AUTM3
    • AUTM4
    • AUTM5
    • ASUTM
    • APUTM
  • Turn on the Firewall
  • Enter the BIOS (pressing the "del" key)
  • Select "PC Health Status"
  • Select "Smart Fan Configurations" and press enter
  • The three voices that you can see are "Disabled". You have to enable all the voices (selecting every single voice and changing the state from "disabled" to "enabled")
  • Double "esc" to return in the main page of BIOS
  • Select "Save and exit setup"